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Photographs contributed by David Spivey

Emerson DB-314 Zenith R-521R Zenith R-521F Zenith R-519V Zenith R-512V Zenith Z733
Zenith Z510-G Zenith X733 Zenith T522G Zenith T522G Zenith M-403 Westinghouse 501
Zenith 6-D-516 Emerson 544 Philco PT-46 Philco G-681 Philco D-661 Philco 39-652
Northern Electric 5110 Marconi 180 Mantola R650 Mantola 461-5SL General Television 5A5 FADA 711
FADA 652 Clinton 4 Motorola C20BZ Motorola 68X-12Q Motorola 57-CD-4A Motorola 57-CD-3A
Motorola 57A Motorola 53LC1 Motorola 52X RCA 9TX-1 RCA 2-C-513 Silvertone 6217
Zenith 5-G-617 Sylvania 510-B Westinghouse 501 (Canada) RCA 96X4 DeWald B401 Motorola 53H
Motorola 45P5 Pixie Silvertone 3411 Crosley 649 Crosley 56-TA-L Crosley 11-303U Motorola 5C22P
Motorola 5C13B Zenith 7H822 Emerson AX-211 Emerson 883-B Emerson 868 Emerson 833-B
Emerson 810-B Emerson 724-D Detrola 372 Philco PT-43 Philco D-661 Detrola 219
Majestic 651-EB Zenith 6-D-410 FADA 845 FADA 845 RCA 2-C-514 Zenith 5G003
Admiral 113-5A Majestic 51 Majestic 51 Truetone Victory Crosley 11-126 Crosley E-10
Emerson 516-A Westinghouse H-126 FADA 33 Series FADA 605 Silvertone 3251 Philco PT-69
Philco PT-61 Philco PT-46 Philco A52CK Philco 53-656 Motorola 53LC2 Pin-it-Up A-1
General Electric 121 FADA 855 Emerson DF-302 Crosley 9-122 Philco 182 Philco 53-701
Admiral 113-5A Philco 41-22CL Zenith 6-D-311 Zenith 5-R-316 Trav-Ler T-202 Admiral 371-5R
Motorola 56CS4A Admiral 20-A6 Philco PT-89 Philco 42-323 General Electric GD-500 Emerson Library
Emerson DA-287 Emerson 868 Emerson 811D Emerson 811D DeWald D-G-519 Silvertone 6160
Zenith R-623-G Zenith X733 Motorola 57CS-2A Motorola 56R Zenith 6-D-612 General Electric H610U
Emerson 724D Admiral 4202-B6 Zenith 4G800ZY Zenith 6-D-2614 Zenith Z519-V Crosley E-30GN
Motorola 56CS4 Zenith R511-F Zenith 6-D-615 Emerson CV-295 Silvertone 3551 RCA X-11
Sonora RBU-175 Setchell Carlson 416 Emerson 540A Motorola 53H General Electric J-54W Emerson EP-381
Olympic 7-537W Westinghouse H-127 Emerson 706-B Westinghouse H-598P4 RCA 9TX32 Crosley E-15SL
Garod 5A2 Zenith M403 Bulova 120 Majestic 5LA5 Admiral 4R12 Westinghouse 501
Stewart Warner 07-5R6 Zenith 7-H-822 Crosley 11-100U Zenith L403 Emerson 517 Bendix 55L3U
General Electric 913D Coronado C5D14 General Electric H501 Gilfillan 58W Admiral 1 Northern Electric 5000
Zenith G723 Silvertone 6167 Northern Electric 5110 Sonora TW49 Silvertone 6185-A FADA 845
Crosley 11-119U Motorola 56R Stewart Warner 07-5B Philco PT-43 Motorola 56CC-1 Philco 41-841
RCA 45X2 Emerson DB-315 Majestic 5A410 Westinghouse H125 Stewart Warner WR-209 Crosley 11-120U Dashboard
Emerson 520 Westinghouse H-742T4 Philco 53-701 Zenith 5-D-610 Emerson 642A Emerson 157
RCA 9TX Philco PT-44 Philco PT-43 Crosley 11-302U Riviera Emerson CZ-282 Silvertone 3311
Motorola 68X Crosley D-25BE Zenith R-733 Zenith M-531-G Zenith K-622 Zenith 7-S-529
Zenith 6-D-014 Zenith 6-D-614W Zenith 6-D-526 Westinghouse 501 (Canada) Truetone D2611 Truetone D2610
Stewart Warner A51T2 Silvertone 7008 Silvertone 6407 Silvertone 6407 RCA 9X RCA 45X1
Motorola 57CS Motorola 56CS Motorola 53H Sentinel 286-P General Electric J54 FADA 1000
Emerson EP-381 Emerson AX-211 Emerson 547-A Emerson 547A Emerson 544 Emerson 108 (U5A)
DeWald A501 Crosley E-15TN Crosley 56TD-W Crosley 11-114U Bush DAC10 Zenith J-733
Zenith B-509 Zenith 7-H-822 Zenith 6-D-538 FADA 246-W Emerson 544-S RCA 46X1
Zenith Royal 3000-1 Zenith R-511W Zenith R-511V Zenith R-511R Zenith M510-W Zenith 6-D-525
Zenith 6-D-2615 Zenith 6-D-629 Zenith 6-D-615 Zenith 6-D-614 Zenith 6-D-610 Zenith 6-D-512
Zenith 6-D-510 Zenith 6-D-413 Zenith 6-D-030 Zenith 6-D-015 Zenith 4-K-310 Zenith 4-G-800ZY
Westinghouse H-125 Westinghouse 501 Westinghouse 501 Westinghouse H-126 Truetone D276-5Q Trav-Ler 5028
Silvertone 6177-A Silvertone 4500A Silvertone 2004 Silvertone 2003 Silvertone 225 Sylvania 5C12
Sparton 132 Setchell Carlson 416 Frogeye General Electric F-51 RCA 45-X-11 RCA 40X-56 World's Fair RCA 9TX3
Philco TP-12 Philco TP-5 Philco PT-26 General Electric C400 Philco 49-607 Philco 49-503 Flying Wedge
Philco 48-230 Flying Wedge Philco 46-420 Olympic 441 Northern Electric 5000 Rainbow Motorola 68X12Q Motorola 68X11Q
Motorola 56H Motorola 56H Majestic 52 Majestic 7T11 Majestic 5A410 Kadette 21
Jewel 505 Pin-Up General Electric H-520 General Electric H-510 General Electric F-40 Emerson 31L04 FADA 1000
FADA 790 FADA 740 FADA 652 Emerson CH-246 Emerson CG-276 Emerson 810-B
Emerson 570 Momento Emerson 540 Emerson 540 Emerson 511 Emerson 511 Emerson 511
Detrola 280 Junior Crosley E-30 MN Crosley E15-WE Crosley E-15CE Crosley E-15 Crosley D-25MN
Crosley D-25GN Crosley D10BE Crosley 56TD Crosley 11-116U Crosley 11-101U Crosley 10-137
Coronado 43-8160 Jewel Bendix 114 Belmont 6D-121 Airline 62-365 Airline 62-288 Miracle Admiral 5J3
Crosley 10-311

Photos donated by David Spivey.
Visit David's web site at

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